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3 Great Reasons To Join the 31 Day Holiday Challenge

1. The Opportunity to Relieve Holiday Stress using Fun Content Creations

Let's face it, during the most wonderful time of the year for business owners can feel less joyful and more stressful. After months of holiday preparation, many of us are glad to make it through another overwhelming holiday season. Why not, try relieving our every day stress by creating fun, holiday content creations instead.

Let's get together to spread holiday cheer with our social media audience to feel inspired, learn more about our brand and share their holiday thoughts using purpose content- can you say ENGAGEMENT with a purpose?!

This challenge was created with you in mind to help boost your holiday spirit while tackling a few social media marketing goals at the same time before end of the year. Sounds good, right?

2. The Opportunity to Develop Consistency and Build Up Your Engagement

One of the biggest challenges for most business owners is the lack of consistent postings due to not a having an effective content marketing strategy. Without consistent posting, your business will eventually die on social media. One word: algorithms. You must have a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your business's objectives which involves of course, consistency!

This challenge will help improve your consistency after 31 days of daily posting. What better way to develop a good habit for long-term success, right?!

In addition, consistent posting on your Instagram feeds and stories, will guaranteed to build engagement with your target audience in a fun yet effective way. This 31 Day Holiday Content Challenge provides helpful engagement ideas with great resources and tools to help you achieve these social media marketing goals successfully.

3. The Opportunity to Connect with Other Business Minded People

It helps to know we're not alone in any challenge, right? One of its sole purpose was to have a place for all participants to connect throughout the 31 days with support provided to achieve one common goal. In addition, you will receive marketing tips, check-ins, words of encouragement and more from yours truly, certified social media coach- just so happening to be the creator of this 2x, 31 Day Holiday Content Challenge and other social media marketing challenges. Feel free to join our FREE community here and get quick access whenever you need my assistance throughout the challenge.

After joining, you'll be added to the "Holiday Challenge" group instantly to be welcomed with open arms. The goal for this challenge is for every joyful, participant to receive their completion badge at the end of their 31 days successfully.

Bottom line, this challenge is exactly for you if you need help boosting your holiday mood on Instagram, be apart of a fun group for moral support during the remaining of the holiday season, help with creating purpose content to build up your online engagement!

Ready to join the 31 Day Holiday Content Challenge? Click here

Due to it is a scheduled set challenge, all participants must sign up before December 1st. You will not be able to join this year's challenge after December 1st.

Click here to join now before it's too!

Here is your opportunity to finish this year social media strong without the stress!

Leave a comment below. Let's chat! Can't wait to read your comments :)

Happy Holidays!


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