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A Pick Sis Brain Coaching Session is a fully loaded, information-intensive call that ends with ideas, clarity and action steps. It’s a great start to getting the answers to your marketing issues to attract more customers and closing more sales on social media.



          We are the expert at…

  • Recognizing what you are missing and what is standing in the way of your business growth on social media!

  • Identifying the key points that will unlock your trouble door!

  • Offering invaluable advice from a fresh perspective to unstuck whatever social media challenges.


How much are these issues and challenges costing your business? There is a cost (really there is!) Put a dollar amount on that issue or challenge. Most likely it is thousands of dollars you’re probably missing out!

This action-packed “Pick Sis Brain” coaching session is intended for those who see an investment of only $98.99 as an easy solution to fix costly problems/issues once and for all. Not for those who feel it will be add to their financial problems.

If growing your business on social media is important to you, then make the time for the session.


Come to our call with your issues, pains, problems and business challenges. You need to email those prior to the call. I don’t like to waste time- yours or mine. You will receive 45 minutes of insightful, honest and valuable feedback and advice.

This call is recorded. I will send you a recording file immediately after our session. PLUS… You get an additional follow up 10 days after our session to make sure you are on track.

  • If you know right now that what you are doing is not working as well as it used to, pick sis brain!

  • If you are tired of spinning your wheels and know something has to change, pick sis brain!

  • If you are fired up, ready to learn what really works and to do what it takes to fix your business, by all means, pick sis brain!


  1. Click the link below and make your $98.99 investment to move your business forward.

  2. Schedule our time together and come to our call with an open mind and ready to learn.

  3. Complete your intake form with your issues, problems, challenges prior and be ready to squash them.

Enough is enough, stop being frustrated with your lack of consistent results on social media. Make the investment TODAY and your business will thank you later.

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